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Articles for Producers: Other than Marketing and Types of Events

Below are articles written by members of the storytelling community. For recently published articles about storytelling festivals, see Storytelling -- It's News!.

Becoming the Resident Storytelling Company at an Arts Center
By Kate Dudding, Producers & Organizers SIG

Kate shares the experiences that she and producing partner Alden (Joe) Doolittle have had leading a resident storytelling company at a new arts center. Included are four producing rules:

  1. The venue determines the audience.
  2. Use their lingo.
  3. Become part of the venue in all that it does.
  4. Collaborate with the venue.

Nonprofit Lifecycle Stages at a Glance

Taken from the book Nonprofit Lifecycles: Stage-Based Wisdom for Nonprofit Capacity by Susan Kenny Stevens. Used with permission from the author. This handout is a summary presented by Paula Reed Nancarrow at the 2011 Producers & Organizers SIG Retreat in Las Vegas, NV.

Emceeing and Giving Introductions
By Mary Grace Ketner

Here is a brief article that hits all the high points on the art of emceeing and giving introductions. If you follow these guidelines, you will enhance your audience's storytelling experience.

How to Gracefully Keep a Program Running On Time
By Members of the Producers & Organizers SIG

Our members communicate with each other via a listserv. This article captures a discussion on the listserv. One member wrote about a problem, where a program ran a half an hour late, and various members offered possible solutions.

NSN 2007 Conference Keynote
By Ronald J. Turner

This is a copy of Mr. Turner's keynote address at the July 2007 NSN Conference in St. Louis, published with his permission.

What Producers Need From Storytellers
by Nan Kammann-Judd, Member, Producers & Organizers SIG

The storytelling community is one of the warmest, most talented, compassionate, and usually very professional groups of people. What separates the "professional" storyteller from other storytellers who are invited to participate in festivals, workshops, performances, and conferences? From the producer's perspective, here are some suggestions for the best qualities and most helpful behavior for storytelling professionals.

Tips For The Would-Be Producer
by Ruth Stotter, Member, Producers & Organizers SIG

Having experienced the pleasure, despair and surprise from the experience of renting a half-dozen theatres and sponsoring dozens of storytelling evenings, here are some of my suggestions for those planning to produce storytelling events.

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