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Articles for Storytellers: Other than Marketing and Types of Events

Below are articles written by members of the storytelling community. For recently published articles about storytelling festivals, see Storytelling -- It's News!.

Emceeing and Giving Introductions
By Mary Grace Ketner

Here is a brief article that hits all the high points on the art of emceeing and giving introductions. If you follow these guidelines, you will enhance your audience's storytelling experience.

What Producers Need From Storytellers
by Nan Kammann-Judd, Member, Producers & Organizers SIG

The storytelling community is one of the warmest, most talented, compassionate, and usually very professional groups of people. What separates the "professional" storyteller from other storytellers who are invited to participate in festivals, workshops, performances, and conferences? From the producer's perspective, here are some suggestions for the best qualities and most helpful behavior for storytelling professionals.

Revised on 10-5-2010

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