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National Storytelling Conference - 2007 Pre-Conference Workshop

The Pre-Conference Workshop at the 2007 National Storytelling Conference in St. Louis, MO will be held on Thursday, July 12.

Transforming Sibling Rivalry or What Theater and Storytelling Can Offer Each Other and Our Audience

9:00 am - 4:00 pm

What are successful alternatives to the Storytelling Festival model that has dominated the American storytelling revival? How can producers craft an audience’s journey through an event as a storyteller crafts a journey through a story?

Come take a hands-on look at what an audience wants and expects from performance and what makes for successful theater-based collaborations. We will balance frank discussions of what works and what doesn't with a checklist of skills and vision needed to develop and manage successful events. Central to the experience: participants will inventory their organizational and geographic strengths and weaknesses, opportunities and threats; then develop a blueprint for building relationships, partnerships and audience.


Joel Bassin, PhD (Assistant Professor of Theater, Hunter College/CUNY, New York , Consulting Manger for The Wooster Group ensemble theater)

Nancy Donoval, MFA/Theater (Storyteller, Producer, Story Coach)

Loren Niemi (Storyteller, Producer, Cultural Commentator)

Megan Wells, MFA/Theater (Storyteller, Actress, Illinois Storytelling Inc. Board President)

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